201X年X月X日 星期X 晴

  I have planned a happy weekend.Saturday morning, I must go to see me aunt.In the afternoon, I must go to the shopping center to go shopping.Evening, I planned makes the homework.Sunday in the morning, I watch the television, the television program is extremely interesting.In the afternoon, I planned listens to music and paints pictures.I thought this weekend I can be very weary, but is certainly very joyful.



  201X年X月X日 星期X 晴

  Hi,this is lin zhenxi. I am going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, I am going to the bookstore by motor cycle . I am going to buy a new CD and some comic books. then, I am goimg to go home and read the new books.On Sunday, I am going to the subermarket with my parents. We are going after lunch. Then, in the evening, I am going play caeds with my parents and sister. That will be fun! What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend?


  201X年X月X日 星期X 晴

  I had a very happy weekend last week, because it was my birthday. I holda birthday party, and many friends were invited to join in it. In thelate morning, we gathered in a restaurant. After that, a wonderful lunchwas ready to wait for us. We planed to go to the K-box in the afternoonduring the lunch time, so we decided to book a big room. When wearrived there, some girls and boys were forced to sing songs with eachother face to face. A few were really shy, however, this could not be areason for eacaping. When the evening came, what we waited for was adelicious cake! However, we just threw pieces to othersface as a game.

  Many, of course, inclusive of me, became a “cake face”. Time alwaysflies, we had to say goodbye to each other, and we were actually hoping the next wonderful party!


  201X年X月X日 星期X 晴

  I have a happy weekend.


  On Saturday morning I always have English classes at school. I study hard in the classroom. In the afternoon I often play computer games. On Sunday morning I often draw pictures. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and grandfather. Sometimes I listen to music. On Sunday afternoon I often do housework or go shopping.


  So I love weekends.