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为什么周二显得那么漫长? Why Do Tuesdays Feel Longer?

为什么周二显得那么漫长? Why Do Tuesdays Feel Longer?

It’s 3 pm on a regular Tuesday, and your recusant brain is blanking out and deserting you despite your constant effort to bring it back from its slack.

Why is it still Tuesday? Why does time pass so slowly?

If you also feel that your Tuesdays are always extra long, join the club.

And let me remind you, it’s not a small club, as psychologists have verified it as a common phenomenon among folks with nine-to-five jobs, and are unraveling the reasons behind this strange misperception of time on Tuesdays.

Some mainstream hypotheses are already available while experiments to confirm them are currently under way.

One explanation is that in comparison to a reposeful weekend, more information and activities are crammed into a weekday.

When your short-term memory is crowded with information, you tend to have a distorted perception of the amount of time that has passed.

However, what makes Tuesday exceedingly longer than other weekdays is your disappointed feeling that your last weekend is long gone, yet your next weekend is still ages away.

Emotions have a way of tampering with how you experience the passage of time.

In this case, negative emotions get the upper hand.

Monday is bad enough, and Tuesday is yet another cruel reminder that there are still three more workdays left before you can take some rest.

Another explanation is a bit dense. It is hard to get the full picture of it without throwing in a bunch of jargon.

However, the basic idea is that the way our memory works inclines us to believe that experiences similar to each other are also close to each other in time, even if they could be weeks apart.

Along the same vein, events of dissimilar natures become separate in our memory.

It is usually quite efficient of our brains to organize events by categorizing them according to their contexts.

However, when it comes to the case with the Tuesdays, it tricks us into thinking that the last weekend is further back.

In other words, we are likely to believe that it’s been such a long time since we last took a break, even though we just spent a relaxing Sunday the day before yesterday.

Since Tuesdays are so dreadful, is there anything we can do to assuage this negative experience?

Experts recommend that we play down the negativity by becoming more mindful of the fact that time doesn’t slow down even if we might feel otherwise.

Merely pacing ourselves at work could help since it avoids jam-packing our brains with an overload of information.

You might also arrange some fun activities after work on Tuesday and turn it into a ritual. That can make this day a little less miserable than it already is.