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1, I want to be a good boy, not smoking, not the Internet, and teachers against, quietly read my book.


2,I haven’t seen wang yu for a long time. I locked myself in, I knew, I was running. I am weak, I can no longer face, can no longer stand in front of the feelings we did not start. Wang yu, I will not disturb your world.


3, June 27 in the exam was finally over, I like only released sinners, sucking the strange air outside. My mood is bittersweet, because I know in the future and wang yu together time will be very little.


4, dear bird: hello. I know how you feel at this moment, you have lost your home, lost your friends, must be very sad!


5, although there are some people in the society to destroy trees, but also people will actively plant trees, now is not the unit is the government actively plant trees, there are some mass organizations, volunteer to plant trees, love trees, you see, the world has set up a world green organization, they go to the various countries to plant trees.


6, I am a less than wings will fly birds, can not withstand the attack of puppy love storm, lying alone on the cliff silent cry.


7. On July 15, I made a mistake to wang yu. This is my first time, maybe because of this, I was destined to be hurt. Wang yu was surprised, she said with a look of panic. Aren’t we friends? Do you know me? You know what I’m thinking? A thorny question mark, let me speechless. I was silent, I was angry. Is it hard for x to know you? So and so knows what you’re thinking? How I wanted to shout these words. But in the end, I did not, I alone to greet the heartache.


8, June 7 in my deliberate delay, or will owe wang yu the money over. Every time I pay her back, I buy her food. I just want to say one more word with her and spend more time together. See her holding the thing, bright smile, all the trouble is thrown in the cloud. () but each time we returned to our respective seats, the grief and loss kept gushing from our hearts. Can’t I live without her? I don’t know.


9, postscript: less than a fledgling bird to fly, this is not necessarily a bad thing. I think in the wind and rain out of the wings will be more colorful and strong.


10,I believe that in the near future, the sky will be bluer, the trees will be greener, and the water will be cleaner.


11, July 5 this evening I drank very drunk, smoked a lot of cigarettes. I’m torturing myself. I still remember my friend’s words, I heard that wang yu was in love with so-and-so. What he said was easy, and I was cool. Perhaps only I know, my heart has been crying. That night, I have been listening to a song, is luo zhixiang “narcissism”, I like the lyrics like crazy “I admit I love your beauty.


12, birds, you don’t be sad, don’t be sad, you see, now the government has been calling on people to love trees, in the hearts of people to set up the idea of love green, green, green, and set every year on March 12 is our Chinese Arbor Day, people can plant more trees on that day.


13, I wish you: find new friends and homes!